Opportunity for young Ghanaians, especially women.


Osei Academy will aim to have an intake of 100 students per year when running at full capacity, at least 60% of whom will be young women in order to combat the gender inequality in youth employment.

Full and/or partial bursaries should be provided to at least 25% of the permanent student body at any time, allowing increased access to students who do not have the means to pay for education.

Thanks to the partnership approach with local businesses, including Studio 189, graduates will have a clear path to employment and work experience which is sustainable and self-perpetuating.



The Academy will use targeted recruitment strategies to reach young people – especially women – and train them in garment manufacturing to international standards. This will increase the numbers of well-trained employees for the sector, facilitate its growth both nationally and internationally, and lead to corresponding economic development in the region. It will also offer young people the opportunities they need to live prosperous and economically sustainable lives