Tailored courses, international standards.


A bespoke curriculum is now being developed in consultation with Pearson PLC, an expert learning institution, and local business partners to ensure students are trained to international standards and local needs. The Academy will provide an internationally recognised BTEC qualification which will train students to international standards and be a desirable asset for market-competitive employers.

The curriculum will include training on the following skills: pattern and size cutting; the use of technology; silk work; middle management and soft skills; packaging; finishing; grading; production planning; calculation of standard minute values; production line efficiency; and creative design. 






The curriculum will consist of courses of mixed length, intensity and content for different groups. Some short courses will be developed for local businesses and manufacturers who currently design and deliver their own training provision for staff. These will be paired with longer courses for full-time students who will be trained to enter middle-management roles.

Modular courses on particular skills will also be delivered to full-time students, with a view to them securing decent, fair employment with local businesses.