funding and investment

Start-up investment, substantial impacts.


Initial start-up investment is needed to adapt the construction of the premises to the needs of the Academy, pay for the design of the curriculum, recruit and train the teachers, and ensure the first cohort of students can be welcomed in 2018.

Thereafter, Osei Academy will operate on a cross-subsidiation model where revenue will be generated via student fees, training courses for local businesses, and rental accommodation from capsule apartments above the Academy. This will be supplemented by partners, sponsors and corporate donors making the Academy commercially viable and self-sustaining. 

All profits generated by Osei Academy and through use of the site will be reinvested into the school.


The model is highly scalable and – following the launch in Tema – will utilize partners’ international networks of public and private assets and expertise (primarily other factory bases) in order to expand across Ghana and West Africa, meaning the reach and sustainable impact of any investment will be substantial.


Rendering of School Facilities (1).jpg

Image of Osei Academy